A family's business

We bought the « Podere sul Chianti » in 1991. 2008 was the year of our first vintage. We produce artisanal wines on 1.5 hectares. In 2008 3,500 bottles of red wine and 1,600 bottles of white wine were produced. In 2009, we were counting with 6,000 bottles in total.

Also in 2008, we bought our cellar « Cantina del Castello di Soiana ». It is in this historical place that our wines are produced.



« It is to the vineyard that we owe good wine »

To have quality grapes, it is essential to look well after the grapes from cutting the vine to protecting it from pests and diseases. Measuring ripeness and deciding what constitutes perfect ripeness, having the perfect balance between acidity and sugar is vital for the tannins of the red wines. This is particularly important for the Sangiovese. Through this process the terroir will be represented in the wine.

Our practise is called “integrated”, and allows increasing the quality of the grapes, limiting the use of pesticides and preserving the environment. All the work is done by hand, as well as harvesting.